No matter how great a plan, risks lurk in background that could thwart your entire financial strategy. This is where insurance can help navigate the financial obstacles.

As an

independent insurance broker

, we are not obligated to utilize any specific insurance company. As we all take risks in our lives, whether you go back country skiing, racing with the bulls, or simply driving a car, we can find a company that is right to you. Here are a few of the wealth management strategies we have at our fingertips:

Insured Retirement Plan

This adds a unique form of diversification to your retirement plan. Why? Because an Insured Retirement Plan (IRP) is not affected by the changes in market conditions like other elements in a retirement portfolio. Withdraw funds from an equity mutual fund or a bond fund in a down turned market and you could lock in your losses. The cashflow provided by an IRP is unaffected by such changes.

Tax & Debt Hedging

The biggest tax bill is usually the last one after we die. When you pass away, you are taxed as if you sold everything you own (including investments) and results in a significantly higher marginal tax rate. If your estate does not have sufficient assets to pay all of your debts, lawyers fees, and tax bill, your beneficiaries will not receive any inheritance. It is important to note that it is your executor’s responsibility to distribute the funds from the estate, however, there can be consequences to him/her if it is not executed properly. A proper financial plan can estimate future debt and tax liabilities then offset them with an insurance policy, leaving your estate in good standing, reducing the burden on your beneficiaries and executor.

Fixed Income, Guaranteed for Life

Outside of a pension, the income you may receive in retirement will fluctuate with the markets. A life annuity, it is possible to create a fixed-income investment with returns guaranteed for life.

Dependant Support

In the event of premature death, insurance proceeds can ensure that your dependants (such as your spouse and children) are financially protected.

Protected Retirement Income

Take advantage of the financial markets and opportunities without being locked into any one investment and provide protection for your money.

  • Creditor protected
  • Guarantee 75% to 100% of the value of your investment
  • At death, the investment bypasses your estate and goes directly to your beneficiaries
  • You can control the payout to your beneficiaries: as a lump sum or in the form of a payments
Charitable insurance

Charitable gifting with life insurance is much different than donating monthly. The most attractive advantage using life insurance is that it allows one to make a much larger gift to a charity. As part of estate planning, many individuals focus on philanthropy in addition to providing for their families. The main strategies are either:

  • Gifting insurance death benefit to charity and receiving a charitable receipt for the year of death to reduce estate tax liabilities
  • Gifting an entire insurance policy to charity and obtaining a receipt for the annual premium payments to reduce ongoing tax liabilities.

When it comes to estate planning, fair and equal become very important. Where fairness often falls into more of a subjective or situational realm, and equal is qualified more objectively and concretely. Potential challenges in focusing what the giver’s interpretation of what’s fair may not be in sync with the beneficiaries, when you take into account children, blended families, disabled dependant, lifetime gifts vs inheritances, taxable vs non-taxable assets, business succession, varying financial situations among children, or other beneficiaries’ point of view or expectations. These inconsistencies may be the source of significant issues down the road, ranging from resentment and family conflict to challenges to a Will if an individual feels they have been slighted or have not been adequately provided for. An insurance policy can create equalization without hassle or conflict.

Types of insurance we offer:

  • Estate Planning

  • Life Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Personal Health Insurance

  • Group Benefits

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Shareholder Insurance


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